How to pick a niche for your blog (Top 29+ Profitable Blog niche ideas that make money online) in 2020

Are you confused 😥 about how to pick a niche for your blog to earn money online in 2020?

If yes then don’t worry you are in the right place.

In this article, I’ll tell you step by step how to choose a niche for your blog.

Many bloggers have to face the same problem that how to find the perfect niche for your blog, even I was faced the same problem myself but I did research and picked up the most profitable blog niches that make money.

(Who am I to give you the idea of how to pick a niche for your blog?)

I too made the mistake of choosing the wrong blog niche first time, after that, I did a lot of research and picked the right niche which was profitable for me.

And I do not want you to make a mistake like me and choose the wrong niche.

I can understand well that you are in trouble finding a blog niche and I will do my best to solve your problem through this well-researched article and the experience I have.

For every new blogger who starts a blog, the most difficult step is to:

  • Choosing a Perfect Blog Niche
  • Find out the best blogging niches ideas
  • Which blogging niche is profitable and many more difficulties……
  • How to choose blog niches that make money online

Be happy 🙂 because I am going to help you with your in-depth knowledge to pick up your profitable blogging niches, all you have to do is enjoy this article and start reading it till the end (please do not leave any point)

Are you excited 😉 ?

I know your answer would be “obviously yes”!

Let’s go ahead and start this article without delay.

 1. What is the Blog Niche? 

Blog Niche and its Types with Examples

A blog niche is a very important term when you are starting a new blog because without choosing the right blog niche you will never be successful in blogging career.

Now I am going to tell you the meaning of blog niche with its types and examples.

1.1 Meaning of Blog niche

Blog niche means a particular topic that you select for your blog. The process of choosing a specific topic for a blog in which you have an interest is called “Blog niche or Niche Blogging”.

A blog niche is the primary main focus point before starting a blog because your complete blogging career depends on the perfect blogging niche.

For example, Sachin Tendulkar is the God of cricket and batting is Sachin’s niche.

Also acting as Amitabh Bachchan and blogging (ShoutMeLoud) is Harsh Agarwal’s niche.

1.2 Types of Blog niches

There are mainly 2 types of blog niches which a new blogger should know and you too:

1. Broad Blog Niche:

Broad Blog Niches are those niches in which you focus only on category items which include more sub-category.

These Blog Niches are those niches in which competition is very high and it is difficult to rank on those types of niches.

For example, Fashion, Blogging, Technology, and many more…

2. Micro niche blog:

Micro Blog Niches are those niches in which you focus on a Particular or subcategory items to pick for your blog.

In Micro niche blog you catch targeted audience related to your blog.

This type of niche blogging competition is low and it is easy to rank on search engines.

For example, smartphones, cameras, shoes and snickers, SEO strategies, Drones, Laptops, and many more…

Pro Tip: If you are planning to start a new blog, then I suggest you go with Micro Blog Niches because micro niches blog is more profitable than Broad niches.

1.3 Examples of Profitable Blogging Niches 2020:

everybody wants to know what are some examples of profitable niches and how do I find them?

I am going to give you some examples of blog niches, which is a micro-niche blog, and is also profitable.

  • Fashion
  • Food
  • Personal finance
  • Lens finder
  • Lifestyle
  • Lifehacks

These are some such best profitable blog niches, on which you can earn good money by working in some months and traffic on them is also high.

Pro Tips: Pick the blog niche that you have an interest in and enjoy about the topic. 

 2. Why is it so important to pick a blog niche? 

why is it important to pick a perfect blog niche

Hopefully, you have understood the meaning of the blog niche in the above point.

Many people ask me, Hey Raj: why is it so important to pick a niche for your blog before starting a blog in 2020?

I am going to tell you the answer in the below points, how important it is to choose the perfect niche for your blog. Let’s start,

2.1 Importance of picking the best blogging niches for your blog in 2020

There are a lot of bloggers today and some bloggers have successfully set up their business and some bloggers are still struggling.

And some bloggers struggle due to choosing the wrong niche for their blog.

  • Picking the Blog Niche is the first and difficult step for new bloggers before start a blog on WordPress.
  • A proficient blog niche will help you in your blogging business.
  • Your Blogging career depends on your blog niche.
  • You will able to earn a good income at a very specific time.

2.2 Benefits to find successful blog niches in 2020

There are many benefits to find successful blog niches. Some of these are mention below-

  • Helps in choosing interesting blog topics
  • To write more articles about that blog niche
  • Able to work on it without laziness for a few years
  • Earn good money with fun
  • Enhance your blog to professional blog
  • Able to write more than +50 articles without any laziness

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2.3 why do you need to pick a blogging niche?

after reading all the points and paragraphs above, you must have got the idea that why do you need to pick a niche for your blog.

Nevertheless, I will point out some points so that you can understand the concept more thoroughly.

  • It brings a more targeted audience
  • It is good for SEO optimization and connects with quality advertisers
  • You can write a quality content related to your blog niche
  • you do not have to think much about what to find the best blog topic idea
  • It will help build your own identity

 3. How to Pick the best Blog Niche for your blog (What Makes for a Successful Blog Niche in 2020) 

choose a profitable niches for your blog

At this point, I will cover in-depth information on how to pick a niche for your blog and after that, I will give you an example of 30 popular blog niches.

3.1 Brainstorm

Brainstorm means to find creativity, innovation, or new ideas related to any special topic.

Many bloggers know what they have to write in a blog post because they have their intention clear.

But some bloggers do not know how to brainstorm blog post ideas for their blog.

Let me tell you some points about how you can brainstorm blog post ideas for your blog:

  • Focus on your hobbies
  • Read old content
  • Read the newspaper and books
  • Use google alerts
  • Through social media platform
  • Write a list of questions
  • Research on your competitor

3.2 Will I love writing above 40+ posts from now from the selected blog niche?

Many bloggers choose blog niche quickly but cannot write more than 10 blog posts on it and leave it.

Ask yourself if I will be able to write more than 40+ posts without any difficulty.

If you are comfortable writing 40+ blog posts, then choose that blog niche.

3.3 Can I make money from the selected niche?

While picking the blog niche, see how much traffic there is, and will I be able to make more money from it.

Many bloggers make the same mistake and pick the niche that makes very little money or no money.

So careful about it and I hope that after reading this article you will not make this mistake.

3.4 Do you have an interest in that blog niche?

I want to express this point personally because I also picked the wrong blog niche, in which I did not have any interest.

If you pick a blog niche that doesn’t have any concentration, you will never be Consistent.

So, pick the one niche that has your interest and you can work on its long term.

3.5 Are you just choose blogging niche only intention to earn more money?

I have met many bloggers who come to blogging only and only to earn money and failed in blogging.

If you too are choosing niche blogging only for money intention, then my direct say will do not start a blog.

Now it all depends upon you why you are coming to blogging just for money, then you are doing a mistake.

Bonus: Top 29+ popular and Profitable Blog Niche Examples for a Successful Blog Niche in 2020

some of the best popular and profitable blogging niches ideas in 2020:

best popular and profitable blogging niches ideas in 2020

  1. Food & Travel 
  2. Health & Fitness
  3. Work from Home
  4. Product Reviews
  5. Tech
  6. Entertainment 
  7. Business and Finance
  8. Photography
  9. Videography
  10. Design Tutorial
  11. Nutrition
  12. Life Hacks
  13. Relationship Advice
  14. Beauty
  15. Bodybuilding
  16. Art niche
  17. Govt. Exam updates
  18. education
  19. Event Niche
  20. Blogging
  21. Computer Science
  22. electronics
  23. Gaming Niche
  24. Sports
  25. Fashion
  26. Image website
  27. News website
  28. Business Ideas
  29. PNR Check Niche
  30. Make Money Online

 4. Big 5 Mistakes New Bloggers Make When Finding a Blog Niche 💡 

Many bloggers make a common mistake when picking a blog niche and some of those mistakes I am mentoring so that you do not make that mistake:

big mistakes when finding a blog niche

  • Pick a Highly competitive blog niche
  • Choose topics which not have any awareness
  • Not doing suitable market research or survey
  • Start a blog with only intention to earn more money
  • choose a blog niche very quickly with less knowledge

 5. Still, have a problem in selecting the Blog niche? 

If you are still having a problem in how to pick a niche for your blog, then read and follow the points given below:

still have a problem to select blog niche

  • Make a list of all the things on which you like to write
  • Focus all the blogs, novels and books that you like to read from the heart
  • Follow your hobby and think about which field you like to write or talk more
  • Can you make a list of more than 30 Blog Posts in Your Niche?
  • Will you able to write the content of more than 800 words on regularly basic?
  • How many people like to read content related to this blog niche and can you make a better career in blog niche?

 6. A Few Tips to Decide on the Niche of Your Blog 

points of attention when you are selecting a niche for your blog:

TIps to choose perfect blog niche

  • Make sure it’s profitable
  • Pick a smaller niche
  • Do market research
  • Check for big affiliate programs
  • Pick a topic you enjoy talking about
  • Don’t think about money for at least next 3-6 month
  • Work on a long-term basis

 7. Best 5 blog niches that have more Traffic on LSI keyword 

Best 5 blog niches that have more Traffic on LSI keyword

7.1 Passive income/Make money online Niche

This is one of the high traffic blog niches which have the potential to generate more income. Make money online is one of the competitive niches but you can monetize in more network.

The advertisers pay a good commission on those types of blog niches and cost per click (CPC) is very high.

On the internet many people search related to making money online or passive income, so ranking on the first page of the search engine is difficult for a new blog.

For example, a successful website related to making money online:, (website owner: Pritam Nagrale sir)

7.2 Travel Niche

On the internet, Travel Blog Niche is very popular because many people like to travel the world.

And people do a lot of searches for the best places to hang out or travel on the internet, so Traffic is also high.

If you also like travel then you can work on this niche.

Travel blog niche doesn’t have too much competition, you can easily rank on these niches and make good money from your blog.

7.3 Entertainment Niche

Many people like to read entertainment related news or article for enjoyment.

This type of blog niches is booming on the internet by providing quality articles.

The traffic on this niche is too more and it has the potential to earn good money within a specific time.

Pro Tip: Pick a micro-niche in the category of entertainment to grow your blog fast on the internet.

(Media niche, News, Videography, Photography etc…)

7.4 Fitness and sports Niche

Many people are serious about their fitness and health and they search for articles to stay fit and healthy on the internet.

People also do a lot of searches on fitness and sports niche and it has medium competition.

You can easily rank on this type of niche blogging by the LSI keyword.

You can pick a micro-niche related to fitness and sports such as Weight loss niche, Nutrition, Cricket, Hair expert, etc.

7.5 Biography niche

The last and best blog niche is Biography Websites.

All these blogs have a lot of searches on LSI keywords because people have a different interest in knowing the life of celebrities.

You can generate good traffic by writing and publishing complete details of any celebrity’s life and more traffic more money.

If you like to know about celebrity life and read articles very much, then you should work on a biography niche, it will give you good results.

Important Advice: I have just some examples above, but you pick the one niche that is your passion.

 8. Best 5 Micro niches that have More Traffic and More Money & Less competition blog niche 😮 

In my next article, I will give a complete knowledge of the micro-niche example because if I start telling now, the article will be much longer.

top 5 micro niches that have more traffic

Some of the good examples of best micro niches which helpful for your blogging career with less competition and more traffic:

  1. PNR Status Checker
  2. Yoga
  3. Video Editing Software
  4. Lens Finder
  5. Celebrity Lifestyle

 9. Conclusion 

I have covered almost all the points in this article that every blogger should know.

After writing the entire blog article well, it has come out that you should pick the topic which has your passion or interest.

In this article, I have mentioned all the points from which you can easily find a profitable blog niche for your blog.

 10. FAQs Related to choosing a profitable niche for Blog! 

Blog niche means a category or special topic on which you are going to run your entire blog. A special category on which you will write articles for your blog, Blog depends on your blog niche.
  • Brainstorm
  • Will I love writing above 40+ posts from now from the selected blog niche?
  • Can I make money from the selected niche?
  • Do you have an interest in that blog niche?
  • are you just choose blogging niche only intention to earn more money?
To pick a best and profitable blog niche, you will have to proper market research on its keyword difficulty (KD) and SEO difficulty (SD). Some of the best niche blogging examples are:
  1. Life Hacks
  2. Event Niche
  3.  Relationship Advice
  4.  Education
  5.  Govt. Exam updates
  6.  Fashion
I mention above many factors and beneficial tips to find the right niche for your blog. Some of the main points are:
  • Make a list of all the things on which you like to write
  • Pick a topic you enjoy talking about
  • Make sure it’s profitable
  • Focus all the blogs, novels and books that you like to read from the heart
  • Follow your hobby and think about which field you like to write or talk more
YES! You need to choose a perfect niche for your blog because your blogging career depends on the blog niche. If didn’t pick the perfect niche, then after some time your interest will be over and you will stop blogging That’s why you need to pick a profitable niche for your blog.
Micro niches make a good income in a very short time and such a blog niche in which you have interest can also make good money.
Micro niches are those niches in which you focus on a specific topic. In micro niches, you focus a certain amount of targeted audience. Micro niches are better than Broad niches.

11. Final words about articles 

I hope you liked this article “How to pick a niche for your blog (Top 29+ Profitable Blog niche ideas that make money online) in 2020” 😀 ,

if you liked it, you should share this article as much as possible.

In this article, I have tried to provide all-important knowledge to you.

If you find this article helpful, then please tell me in the comments and do share them.

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